April 5, 2017

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By Ernest Klein

A transparent and concise paintings at the origins of the Hebrew phrases and their feel improvement. all of the c. 32,000 entries is first given in its Hebrew shape, then translated into English and analysed etymologically, utilizing Latin transcription for all non-Latin scripts. An crucial resource of biblical, Jewish, smooth Hebrew and close to jap reviews.

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2. 1. nap-, typ-/~, b-, and ~ derive verbs from verbs. 3), whereas b- originates from the adverb 6oo 'again'. n (alternatively (Zehnl 1987:194). A) 'down, downwards', the brief form of which is ~nee• A noun can be followed by its duplication with 11- or o- replacing its initial consonant which gives the noun the interpretation of' ... and suchlike' or 'stuff like ... '. This process, ~hich is common in a number ofTurkic languages, is colloquial. ~tapmpncfmu) (verb: 6ooramras) 'it did not light/flash/bum' 'it does not light/flash/bum' 's/he did not go back'.

Before', etc. &poa. g. 6lpnauoa ·~~r them'), is often included in this group. In the literary language, there is only one postpoSition, namely 6eplm 'like', though Tajik grammars customarily count also the object marker -po as a postposition. \) 6yn6yn -rop/-IOp -6o3 ..... piiB -~ There is another postposition in the colloquial language, namely~ 'with'. n;-aM Muqaddas with worked-lsg 'I worked with Muqaddas' -{a}croll '9'36elaiC'IOB 'Uzbekistan' -

The conjunction a is the Tajik equivalent of English 'or'. 3sg x,&Ma-H wo-po XypcaHJl IalpJl. 3sg 'the news that was given on the radio made all of us joyful' a may be optionally followed by 101 orBBDI. zt. i. ' Me-pu-ll a HH 'lO we-ucr-A? ' Ty you a ae(-wl)? '. - 'for' is used as a postposition in this Bukharao Tajik example. IIQ, -All. and -"'! that, like Japanese sentence final particles, mainly express modality. See Xalilov (1977) for a detailed discussion of Tajik particles. 3sg When the relative clause modifies the direct defmite object noun phrase of the main clause, the direct object marker -po follows ~•.

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