April 5, 2017

Download A Computerized Lexicon of Tamazight: Berber Dialect of Ayt by Ernest T. Abdel-Massih PDF

By Ernest T. Abdel-Massih

It is a dictionary in 4 elements: (1) alphabetical directory of Tamazight-English; (2) alphabetical directory of English-Tamazight; (3) alphabetically prepared cultural different types; (4) linguistic lexicon containing listings in accordance with be aware starting place and grammatical different types. Over 10,000 entries.

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For example: hudeṯa [hu'de:θa] ‘Jewess’ šahara [ʃa'ha:ɾa] ‘blind’ p-farәh ['pfa:ɾeh] ‘he will be fruitful’ 1 This consonant has no place of articulation in the buccal cavity and as there is no form of contraction in the vocal tract to produce friction, it is generally considered by phoneticians that the word “fricative” is not strictly applicable, although it has been used historically. 27 /m/ This phoneme is usually realised as a bilabial nasal [m]. 28 /ṃ / This phoneme is usually realised as a pharyngealised bilabial nasal [mˁ].

CaCta/CaCt̠a CәCta/CәCt̠a CeCta/CeCt̠a4 dašta kalt̠a karta masta qart̠a šabt̠a gәnt̠a kәsta mәsta qәšta ṛәsta sәkt̠a beʾta deʾt̠a ‘field’ ‘daughter-in-law’ ‘bundle’ ‘yoghurt’ ‘cold, cold weather’ ‘week; Sabbath’ ‘garden’ ‘small bag; pocket’ ‘hair’ ‘bow; rainbow’ ‘cord, washing line’ ‘peg’ ‘egg’, ‘perspiration’ 4 Most nouns of the pattern CeCta/CeCt̠a seem to have come about as a result of a phonetic variation of an underlying CәCt̠a pattern, conditioned by the presence of /ʾ/ (or in theory by /ʿ/ or /h/, although no examples are found in the corpus) as the second radical.

The name seems to be relatively well established in the parlance of Semiticists and linguists in general, despite the fact that it is a rather vague coverterm for a number of phenomena. 9 The emphatic consonants are also variously referred to in the corpus of NA and linguistics as ‘flat’ (vs. ‘plain’), ‘pharyngealised’, ‘velarised’, ‘dark’, ‘heavy’ (both vs. ‘light’) or German ‘abruptiv’, to give but a few of the most common terms. 10 It appears that pharyngealisation rather than velarisation is primary in ANA, although both are often present to varying degrees.

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