April 5, 2017

Download A dictionary of Moroccan Arabic: Moroccan-English by Richard Slade Harrell, Thomas Fox, Mohammed Abu-Talib, Ahmed PDF

By Richard Slade Harrell, Thomas Fox, Mohammed Abu-Talib, Ahmed ben Thami, Allal Chreibi, Habiba Kanouni, Ernest Ligon, Mohammed Mekaoui

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Neighbor Adjectives finitimus, finitima, finitimum, neighboring amicus, arnica, amicum, friendly (amicable) inimicus, inimica, inimicum, unfriendly (inimical) barbarus, barbara, barbarum, savage, uncivilized, barbarian (barbarous) Verbs moneo, monere, warn, advise (admonition, monitor) incito, incitare, arouse, stir up, incite (incitement) Adverbs eras, tomorrow (procrastinate) PrepoSitions ob, on account of, because of. With the accusative case. idoneus, idonea, idoneum, fit, suitable gratus, grata, gratum, pleasing (grateful) propinquus, propinqua, propinquum, near (propinquity) 58 LATIN MADE SIMPLE Conjunctions atque or ac, and also, also.

Patriae liberae 5. vester servus 6. suos filios 7. miseros 8. vias angustas 9. tuus nuntius 10. fortuna mea No. 42. Translate these vocatives: 1. amici 4. deus 7. fili 2. domine 8. gloria 6. domina 3. deae 9. nuntii 11. multi 12. parvus puer 13. agrorum latorum 14. cura bona 15. gladi longi 10. mi serve 13. multi amid 11. bone vir 14. bone agricola 12. bona puella 15. C. at Verona, in northeastern Italy, but spent most of his life in Rome. He was a master of lyric poetry, especially love poems, and made use of many of the best features of Greek verse.

If the adjective ends in -er in the masculine nominative singular, the dictionary will indicate whether the adjective keeps or drops the -e-. Thus, miser would be listed as miser, -ra, -rum, but pulcher would be listed as pulcher, -chra, -chrum. The vocabulary at the back of this book gives the complete form s (rather than just the endings) of the feminine and neuter nominative singular nouns for first and second declension adjectives. B. Agreement of Adjectives. Adjectives must agree with the nouns they modifY in gender, number, and case.

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