April 5, 2017

Download A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese by Yukio Tono PDF

By Yukio Tono

A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese is a useful device for all newbies of eastern, delivering an inventory of the 5,000 most typically used phrases within the language.

Based on a100 million observe corpus, composed of spoken, fiction, non-fiction and information texts in present use, the dictionary offers the consumer with an in depth frequency-based checklist, in addition to alphabetical and part-of-speech indices.

All entries within the frequency checklist characteristic the English identical and a pattern sentence with English translation. The dictionary additionally includes 25 thematically organised lists of usually used phrases on quite a few subject matters akin to nutrients, climate, occupations and relaxation. various bar charts also are incorporated to focus on the phonetic and spelling versions throughout check in.

A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese allows scholars of all degrees to maximize their examine of eastern vocabulary in a good and interesting approach. it's also an exceptional source for lecturers of the language.

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90 207 三 san n. three •• この春、彼は三回目の結婚をした。— He got married for the third time this spring. 81 208 最初 saisho n. first •• 最初は誰でも初心者だ。— Everyone is a beginner at first. 89 209 間 aida n. distance; period •• 彼女とは長い間会っていない。— I have not seen her for a long time. 97 210 感じる kanjiru v. feel •• 空腹を感じる。— I feel hungry. 95 211 しか shika p. only, just, no more than •• 砂糖は少ししか残っていない。— There is only a bit of sugar left. 90 212 かかる kakaru v. hang; take; cost •• 子どもを育てるのにはお金がかかる。— It costs a lot to raise children.

Part, section •• 間違えた部分を修正してください。— Please correct the parts where you made errors. 98 350 一度 ichi do n. once •• 私は一度だけ沖縄へ行ったことがあります。 — I have been to Okinawa only once. 95 351 結果 kekka n. result •• 調査の結果を報告します。— I’m going to report the results of the investigation. 96 352 じゃ ja conj. well, so, then •• じゃ、 また明日。— So, see you tomorrow. 71 353 状況 joukyou n. state of affairs, situation •• 困難な状況の中で、救助活動が続けられて いる。— Rescue efforts are continuing in difficult circumstances. 87 354 時代 jidai n. time, era •• 内戦後、平和な時代になった。— After the civil war, peace has returned.

End, finish •• 仕事が終わったら飲みに行きましょう。— Let’s go out for a drink after work. 87 201 意味(する)imi(suru) n. meaning, sense v. mean •• それはどういう意味ですか。— What does it mean? 97 202 のである no de aru cp. ASSERTION (formal) •• 認めたくはないが、それが現実なので ある。— It is difficult to accept, but it is a reality. 71 | BK 203 いろんな ironna adn. various •• そのパーティーではいろんな料理が出され た。— All kinds of foods were served at the party. 61 204 付ける tsukeru v. put; attach; apply •• 私のパンにジャムを付けてくれますか。— Can you put some jam on my bread? 96 205 形 katachi n.

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