April 5, 2017

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By By William Henry Green.

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37 Alternative ways of capturing the difference between /y/ and / / are certainly conceivable. Analyses of the corresponding contrast in Swedish can be found in several sources, and given the close relationship between Norwegian and Swedish, it is conceivable that these may carry over into Norwegian. The most widespread approach involves lip activity instead of tongue position. ) or [±compressed] (Lindau 1978). But whatever its merits with respect to Swedish, the approach is not appropriate for Norwegian, since it does not even capture the phonetic facts.

14 The only exception to this are vowels occurring before another vowel, where we find the tense quality of long vowels, and perhaps also greater duration. 15 By symmetric alternations is meant alternations where only quantity is involved, while asymmetric alternations involve vowel quality as well. ʃ . l. ³nu ɾ] (id. ³ εt] budsjett ‘budget’ [b d. ɾə] duellere ‘to fight a duel’ The asymmetric pattern is confined to unstressed short /o/ before final /n/. When stressed as a result of suffixation, the vowel is raised to /u /.

In addition, it is often heard as labiodental [ ]. This is a recent change that seems to be spreading in UEN, whereby the /w/ following a vowel is changed into a [–voc] segment. Thus the word [³sæw], sau ‘sheep’ is often heard as [³sæ ]. 14 Under stress shift, the short and long vowels in (1) above define corresponding pairs in the sense that when a syllable with a long vowel loses stress, the vowel is reduced to the corresponding short vowel. This is the same vowel that we find in stressed syllables with short vowels.

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