April 5, 2017

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By Angela Terrill

Lavukaleve is a Papuan Language spoken at the Russell Islands within the important Province of the Solomon Islands. The phonology and morpho-phonology of Lavukaleve are defined, in addition to arguments adjuncts, the Lavukaleve predicate constitution (including predicate kinds and middle player marking, the contract suffix, concentration structures, annoying, point and temper, word-level derivation, advanced predicates), interclausal syntax, and the Lavukaleve discourse organization. The ebook incorporates a checklist of affixes, a listing of lexemes, and an appendix with Lavukaleve texts. the knowledge utilized in this paintings was once accumulated by means of the writer in the course of 5 box journeys.

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E. he is my father's brother's wife, for instance. It is probably not ungrammatical to use a primary reference term as sole means of referring to a classificatory relative, but it is certainly misleading. There are two further address terms: mama and papa (recent borrowings from Pijin) used for addressing Μ and F respectively; these terms do not have classificatory extensions. One term, manio (f), man (m), covers all people related to a person by marriage, apart from the spouse, for which there is a separate term tua/tum.

2 Nasals There are three nasal phonemes in Lavukaleve: Iml, InI and /r/. Nasal phonemes in Lavukaleve do not have any obvious allophonic variation. Nasals, like stops, can all occur syllable-initially, but unlike some stops, they can also all occur syllable-finally. 3 Liquids There are two liquid phonemes in Lavukaleve; a rhotic trill Irl and a lateral /I/. Like nasals, liquids can occur syllable-initially and syllable-finally. • III alveolar trill - > [r] - [r] - [J] in free variation This phoneme is usually pronounced as a trill, but can also be pronounced a single tap or, more rarely, a continuant, in all environments.

These shared lexical percentage figures are very low. As a comparison, Austronesian languages in the Solomon Islands tend to share around 30%-50% vocabulary with each other. 8% with any other Austronesian language (Paripao, a Lengo language from north-east Guadalcanal). Thorough comparison of Lavukaleve's grammar with the grammars of nearby Austronesian languages is necessary to determine whether, and what kind of, linguistic borrowing has taken place between them. This grammatical description is merely the first step in this process.

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