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By Lothar Sachs

Readers of my books, scholars and scientists, usually ask for spe­ cial references now not ordinarily present in introductory or interme­ diate books on facts. From the titles and contents of 1449 key papers and books that are indexed and numbered in Sec­ tion five, i've got chosen key words and topic headings and ar­ ranged them alphabetically including the numbers of perti­ nent references in part three. quantity 1153, for example, denotes my ebook" utilized Statis­ tics". It includes a bibliographical part on pages 568 to 641. Supplementary fabric is displayed during this small bibliographi­ cal consultant. It additionally enhances recognized textbooks of field, Hunter and Hunter (No.121), Dixon and Massey (No.286), Snedecor and Cochran (No. 1238), and lots of fresh rivals. because the technique of records is increasing swiftly, many tools usually are not thought of in any respect or basically brought within the simple textbooks of data. there's a desire for intermediate statistical equipment eager about more and more advanced ap­ plications of statistics to real study events. the following the specification of phrases is helping to discover a few resources. because the ref­ erences range significantly in size and content material, the variety of culled or extracted phrases according to referenced web page varies much more, as does additionally their measure of specialization; even if commonly an intermediate statistical point is maintained.

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B. g. g. g. B. B. 340 Heterogeneity, problems of ... in demography 750 46 Heteroscedasticity in regression analysis 955, 956, 1350 Hewlett-Packard HP-41C: Algorithmen der Statistik 679 Hierarchical: classifications, e. g. g. 1319,1320 Histocompatibility testing, e. g. 331 Histogramm, Alternativen zum klassischen 183, 401, 490, 1042, 1206, 1319, 1320, 1339, 1345, 1359 Histograms, alternatives to 183, 401, 490,1042, 1206, 1319, 1320, 1339, 1345, 1359 Histogramme: Beispie1e 1040, 1042 Histograms: examples 1040, 1042 on optimal and data-based 1206 smoothing ...

1162 Displaying: multivariate data 47, 69, 70, 183, 342,351,370,634,683,1209, 1317, 1319, 1359, 1366 one-, and twodimensional data: see graphische Darstellungen und graphische Methoden Displays: residual, the robustness of 756 semigraphic: see box-plot variations and stem-and-Ieaf displays Dissimilarity, measuring: see cluster analysis Dissoziationskonstanten, z. B. 1286 Distance: and similarity: measurement of as well as graphical display of ... matrices 342 measures for distributions and estimators 406 similarity and dissimilarity: see cluster analysis Distributed data base systems 61, 1330 Distribution: see also Verteilung a reliability ...

G. 54 Ecological statistics, e. g. g. 523 applications: of discrete data structural analysis 833 of loglinear models 355 Econometrics, e. g. 650, 840 and quantitative ecology 1031 Economic analyses: optimal triangulation of the input-output tables of the FRG and the European Community 456 Economics: a game theoretic approach, e. g. 128 Economic: statistics e. g. 913 for comparative assessments 35 time series, analysis of 523, 650, 777,953,1265 EDA: Exploratory Data Analysis 47, 109, 197,229,417,435,502,547, 596,608,659,755,828,829, 830,871,915,916,965,1024, 1318-1323,1339,1347,1424, 1436 computer programs: written in APL and FORTRAN 871 written in BASIC and FORTRAN 1339 EDso-Bestimmung nach Litchfield und Wilcoxon, z.

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