April 5, 2017

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By E. C. Woodcock

This booklet begun as a sequence of notes on Latin syntax drafted on the request of Professor W. H. Semple of Manchester for the aim of standardizing the instructing to the various sections of the then huge Intermediate type. those notes were supplemented through sections of extra complex dialogue drawn from lectures on historic Latin syntax to Honours sessions.

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Those that prevent communication between innovating and conservative dialects) from gaining acceptance and becoming permanent changes. One thing that this fails to account for is the fact that secret langauges are usually dereived by rules applying to a late level of representation. It would be easy to do it by adding appropriate rules high up in the phonology, but this does not seem to occur in actual cases. For example, a rule making all vowels tense would wreak havoc in English morphophonemics if applied before the Great Vowel Shift rules.

One is the simplification of geminate consonants before consonants as in Skt. dus-stutís > dustutís, Latin dis-sto& >disto&, Gothic twis-standan > twistandan. This in turn preceded the assibilation of dentals before dentals as in dad-dhi > dadzdhi (cf. Avestan dazdi ). The relative chronology is nailed down by the following kinds of derivations which must be reconstructed for proto-IE:11 s 11 I must still meet the possible objection that an IE *set tlom become *setlom somehow by analogy to forms with sed- independently in all the Indo-European n languages; somewhat like Sanskrit dehí has an analogical doublet dadd í in Vedic.

In order to determine the prehistory of Latin with regard to just the two simple rules (31) and (32) it turned out to be necessary to relate them to many other rules both in Latin and in other IE languages), to take account of the possibility of analogy and of borrowing of rules. It is really pure luck when in a case such as this the requisite crucial data is available. 5, it certainly does not follow that they can be placed everywhere. From the inception of historical studies in the present framework it has been clear that there are heavy restrictions on the placement of innovations.

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