April 4, 2017

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Klisti:na 'o 'amai 'oimed. | Christina is /was walking 'Amai 'o 'oimed g Klisti:na. J around over there Husi 'o 'anai ke:k ki: hugidan. Joe is/was standing 'Anai 'o ke:k g Husi ki: hugidan. over there next to the house. 26. a. 'A'al 'o 'i:ma cicwi n-we:big. 1 The children are/were b. 'I:ma 'o cicwi ii-we:big g 'a'al. J playing behind me. 27. a. Hegam 'o gadhu dadhâ ki: eda. 1 They are/were sitting b. Gadhu 'o dadhâ ki: eda hegam. J in the house. In most cases the shorter form of the locative can be substituted for the longer form.

1 i s / w a s that baby crying? b. No hegaiti 'ali şoak? J 22. a. Nac 'a:cim wo:po'o? * Are/were we running? b. Nac worpo'o 'ascim? 23. a. Nam 'a:pim cicwi? b. Nam cicwi 'a:pim? 1 J 24. a. No hegam cecoj nenok? b. No nenok hegam cecoj? Are/were you (pi) playing? Are /were those boys speaking? As shown earlier, the independent pronoun subject is only optionally present in statements; the same is true for questions. 25. a. Nap 'a:pi soak? b. Nap soak? 26. a. Nan 'aini cipkan? b. Nan cipkan? Are/were you crying?

Example (8) is a combination of two sentences. 'Uwi 'o cipkan. + 'A:ni 'an ko:s. The woman is /was working. + I am/was sleeping. In conjoining two sentences, the second sentence must be changed: the auxiliary of the second sentence is placed at the beginning of the second sentence and its vowel is lost. For example: 26 LESSON 2 'Uwi 'o cipkan. + 'A:ni 'an ko:s. 'Uwi 'o cipkan + 'an *a:m ko:s. 'Uwi 'o cipkan n 'a:iii ko:s. (Aux moves to beginning of second sentence) (Aux drops its vowel) Notice that the auxiliary of the second sentence never appears in second position in the second sentence.

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