April 5, 2017

Download A Practical Grammar of the Central Alaskan Yup'ik Eskimo by Steven A. Jacobson PDF

By Steven A. Jacobson

The local language of Eskimo those that reside within the coastal and inland areas of the decrease Yukon, Kuskokwim, and Bristol Bay components of Southwestern Alaska is gifted during this grammar of valuable Yup'ik. Written in a transparent, concise, and readable type, this quantity is not just a complete textbook for college students, but in addition an entire reference consultant. It takes the coed from starting classes to a complicated grammatical point. it's applicable for the varsity and highschool degrees, and for self learn.

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Koliko stoji usluga za dvadesetčetiri sata? [koleeko sto-yee ooslooga za dvadeset-cheteeree] ABCDEFGHIJKLDi 50 diabetic dijabetičar [deeyabeteechar] diabetic foods dijetetska hrana [deeyetetska hrana] dial birati [beeratee] dialling code pozivni broj [pozeevnee broy] diamond dijamant [deeyamant] diarrhoea proljev [prol-yev] diary dnevnik [dnevneek] dictionary rječnik [r-yechneek] didn’t* see not die umrijeti [oomreeyetee] diesel dizel [deezel] diet dijeta [deeyeta] I’m on a diet ja sam na dijeti [ya – deeyetee] I have to follow a special diet moram se pridržavati posebne dijete [seh preederjavatee posebneh deeyeteh] difference razlika [razleeka] what’s the difference?

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