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By Alton Meister

Glutathione S-Transferases: constitution and Mechanism of an Archetypical Detoxication Enzyme (R. Armstrong).

law of Cholesteryl Ester Hydrolases (D. Hajjar).

the hot Biology of Adenosine Receptors (T. Palmer & G. Stiles).

Microtubule Dynamics: Bioenergetics and keep an eye on (D. Purich & J. Angelastro).

Expression of the -Crystallin/Small Heat-Shock Protein/Molecular Chaperone Genes within the Lens and different Tissues (C. Sax & J. Piatigorsky).

Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase (GTP): The Gene and the Enzyme (R. Hanson & Y. Patel).


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When cis and trans isomers of unsaturated fatty acids were compared as individual esters, the cis isomer was the preferred substrate by a factor of 3 (35). Various effector molecules have also been tested in the assay of CE hydrolytic activity. It appears that CaCI2or NaCl had no significant effect at 10 mM (37, 38). 0 mM (36). The acid enzyme could be inhibited by N-ethyl maleimide, iodoacetic acid, and iodoacetamide (35, 36). Pchloromercuribenzoate was also effective in inhibiting enzyme activity in the presence of specific cofactors such as sodium taurocholate (35, 36).

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