April 5, 2017

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By Barry Clarke

Frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, and the infrequent caecilians are available a beautiful array of colours, shapes, sizes, and habitats. They reside either in water and on land and flow in a superb number of methods from swimming, to hopping, or even flying. With a sequence of specifically commissioned images, Amphibian takes an in depth examine the interesting ordinary background of those creatures from the brilliant eco-friendly, red-eyed tree frogs to boring, burrowing, wormlike caecilians; from startling black and yellow hearth salamanders to tiny obvious glass frogs.

Discover different habitats and lifestyles cycles on the planet of frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders.

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The yellow reed frog (above) from South Africa lives among lily pads in swampy areas. Poison-dart frogs (pp. 56–57) also live in treefrog-type habitats and have finger and toe disks, so they may also be thought of as tree frogs. Straddling walk Large, red eye RED-EYED TREE WALKER This red-eyed tree frog, which stalks its insect food, is a capable climber. It is a “flying” frog and can glide between leaves and branches in its rain forest home. Red-eyed tree frogs are found in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama.

5 cm) long 45 UNINVITED GUESTS White’s tree frogs from Australia (pp. 50–51) have an even closer relationship with humans than the Asian painted frogs – they are commonly found in outdoor mailboxes, in bath-rooms, and even in toilet tanks. Tailed amphibians Salamanders, newts, and sirens make up a group of around 360 species of tailed amphibians. Most newts and salamanders are found in the cooler, temperate, forested areas of the Northern Hemisphere, but one group of lungless salamanders (pp. 48–49) extends southward to South America to include the high-altitude tropical cloud forests of Ecuador.

The caecilians, around 170 species, are found only in the tropics and burrow in soft earth or mud, often near water, or they swim in rivers and streams. HERALDIC SALAMANDER This dragon-like salamander – a fabulous beast of heraldry and mythology – was the emblem of the French royal family in the early 1500s. In the painting in which this detail appears, The Field of the Cloth of Gold, the salamander looks down on a meeting between England’s Henry viii and France’s François I. Short hind leg – toes more equal in size than in frogs ON FIRE!

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