April 5, 2017

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By Keith R. Lindsay

Jam-packed with anecdotes at the most unearthly funerals and ultimate resting areas internationally, this guidebook is a tongue-in-cheek romp to a facet of existence that frightens most folks. Discussing the burial practices of the past—from the embalming practices of historic Egyptians to the funeral pyres utilized in India—while taking a look heavily at how dying and funeral prone are practiced at the present time, this humorously macabre advisor solutions questions similar to what sort of occasion will be held at a funeral rite? Who could be invited to talk? should still plant life be despatched? and What song may be performed? a full of life dialogue at the historical past of being buried alive and 10 principles on the right way to cease it from taking place to you can be integrated.

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That said, the practice of saying goodbye to the deceased as they lay in the best room clung on in some communities in the UK until at least the 1960s. I remember my own grandfather receiving visitors in just such a manner. I recollect the comings and goings, the tears and the sniffles, though I wasn’t actually allowed in to see his body. To this day I’m still not sure if it was simply because I was deemed too young or because I’d recently been bought a selection of watercolour paints. You make one dozy aunt look like Charlie the Clown while she’s sleeping and you’re branded for life!

Apparently not everyone was too upset by the banning of the practice. indd 21 20/9/06 11:30:51 am A Little Light History – Part II The Middle Ages From the Florentine peasant to the Bishop of York, the growing population of the medieval world were totally obsessed with death and the funeral. And it was a Europewide obsession that can probably be all put down to one thing – Purgatory. The medieval Christian Church seems to have decided that Hell simply wasn’t enough to keep the congregation in line, and the Church in donations.

Giving it all away: We could reprise the Victorian idea of handing out locks of hair to the mourners. In fact why not take it one step further and give away all the other bits of the body and dispense with the funeral altogether? Giving it all away II: The indigenous peoples of the Canadian Interior would burn all the clothes and possessions not already willed away by the deceased. And why, you may be asking, should we bring it back? Well, it’s perhaps a less drastic version of number 5. Hit the road: In Ancient Greece and in some northern European countries it was the practice for a brief time to bury the dead at the roadside.

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